“Now we Know we are Fragile”

for Flute Solo & Loop Station


Solfestice 1.5 – Duets Relay

no appointments – just improvise


Part 16

Esther Aleida – vocals
Peter – flute

Part 14

Makkie van Engelen – drums
Peter – flute

James Baldwin 1968 – A Short Flute Solo

with excerpts from a speech in 1968
at the Cambridge University, U.S.A.
(june 2020)

“Sad and Low” for Bassflute and tape (2019)

From  “Zomerspecial 2018” 

“Ocho y Cuarto”
van de cd “Aviso de Otoño” van flamenco gitarist Erik Verhoef,
feat. Peter: flute (april 2017)

“Strawberry Pepper”
van de cd “BMI goes India”,
feat. Peter: flute (dec. 2016)